Welcome to ISF

The International Scout Fellowship is an organization comprised of largely former, and some current Adult members of recognized WFIS Scout and Guide associations, their spouses, and friends. All accept and make the Scout Promise as a condition of membership.

Members share a common bond of experience with the Scouting and Guiding Movement and wish to continue associating with like-minded people; and to lend assistance to the Movement when and as they are able.

Each Local Association is free to meet as often as they like and perform activities of their choosing; whether in service to Scouting or the community, or simply socialization amongst their members.

While the International Scout Fellowship supports the entire Scouting Movement its primary affiliation is with the World Federation of Independent Scouts.

Important Notice:
ISF logo The emblem of the ISF in the form of the yellow Zulu shield with a green Fleur-de-Lis as displayed at the head of this page and at right, the words ISF, International Scout Fellowship, Hermandad Scout Internacional and their derivatives are the intellectual property of the International Scout Fellowship and are protected world-wide under the Madrid International Trade Marks System.

Any use of the ISF marks without the express written permission by the ISF is not permitted