Join the Fellowship

ISF is a world federation of independent Local Associations. You may apply of membership as a group and be recognized as a Member Local Association. Each ISF Local Association, including the Central Local Association elects one person to represent that Local Association on the ISF World Council, which is its highest decision making body of the Fellowship. Every ISF Local Association has only one vote on the World Council, regardless of the number of its members.

Important Note:

The International Scout Fellowship adheres strictly to the Traditional Scout Law, including specifically the 4th Law which states: "A Scout is a friend to all and a brother to every other Scout". In the ISF we interpret this to mean that we do not discriminate against other people on the grounds of nationality, gender, religion, race or sexual orientation.

Please make sure that you agree with the above paragraph without any reservations before you submit your application for membership.

To join, please contact us.